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Your First Encounter With A Gay Escort

If you're the kind of person our escorts like to meet then much of what follows will not be new to you. However, if this is your first encounter with an escort there's likely to be some things you'd like clarified. Hopefully many of your questions will be answered here but you're always welcome to ring us on 077 220 620 77 if there's anything else you'd like to know. We are accustomed to helping first-timers, so please don't feel shy in asking either the agency or your escort any other questions you may have.

Before making contact with us

Choose your escort from the gay escort gallery pages, then read through their individual personal profile page and look through their photos. It's also advisable to have one or two alternatives in case your first choice isn't available when you want him.
If you're genuinely interested and would like to arrange a meeting then ring us on 077 220 620 77 and we will take you through the booking procedure. The escort's rates are shown on their individual profile page, remember that rates vary from escort to escort. Please don't try haggling with us - our escorts do this to earn a living and therefore can't afford to discount their charges.

Escort of the minute:
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Before your appointment

Please make yourself ready for your escort as you would for any partner, they are not objects and should not be treated as such. Have a bath or shower and brush your teeth - you'll derive more pleasure from your escort if he's not put-off by your personal hygiene.
Although a little of alcohol is fine to calm your nerves and make you relaxed, please don't be tipsy at the time of the meeting. Smelling of alcohol is not nice, but most importantly an inebriated man can be very unnerving for a young male escort.
If you're seeing your escort at his place please try to arrive at the booked time. If you turn up too early your escort may not be prepared for you, if you get there late your booked time may need to be shortened if the escort has an appointment arranged after yours. Similarly, if the guy is coming to your place, you should be ready for him at the arranged hour. If for any reason your escort is unavoidably delayed we will let you know, similarly please call us if you think you are going to be late. If you have to cancel a booking please let us know as soon as possible, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply

Your time with the escort

When you initially meet your guy have a chat, suggest having a drink and be friendly and welcoming. Don't jump on him or fondle him as soon as he steps through the door, although you're paying for the escort's time, a little respect from the start will bring rewards for you later. Try not to ask too many delving questions about his life, he has a private side him too and will be pleased if you show the same level of discretion that you would expect and receive. Keep to light topics if conversation to start with such as films, music, television or even tell a few gags - you'll soon discover a shared passion orinterest.
After you've both started to relax and have got to know a bit about each other you may decide you'd like to move onto something a touch more intimate. Your guy will undoubtedly ask you what kind of things you enjoy, if you'd like to try out a pleasure that he has not mentioned please don't hesitate to request it. Remember though that if the answer is a firm 'no' then take that as final and please do respect the escort's limits. Bear in mind that you're only paying for the guy's time and companionship, any other things that happen from now are a private arrangement between two consenting adults. We request that you pay your escort when you first meet to stop any uneasiness later. If at any time in the meeting you decide that you'd like to extend you time with the guy please ask, they will always agree when possible, but please don't forget that you'l have to pay for any extended hours.


We hope none of the preceeding information has deterred you, our intention is to provide you the utmost pleasure with the best gay escorts, however we need your cooperation for this to happen. As with all professionals if you treat your guy well you're more likely to receive a higher level of service and satisfaction, this is even more so with a male escort as they're giving such a personal level of service.

To arrange a meeting ring EscortGuys on +44 (0) 7722 06 20 77